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A visit to the aquarium is a great way of spending a couple of hours and is an attraction which children especially will enjoy. Located in the city's old harbour, Port Vell, the Barcelona aquarium is described as being the most important education and leisure centre devoted to Mediterranean marine life.

It's home to 11,000 animals and 450 different species housed within 35 tanks which includes everything from seahorses to sharks. One of the main highlights of the aquarium is an underwater tunnel 80 metres in length which makes it feel as if you are walking amongst the sharks and other creatures as they swim above your head.

Upon entering the Barcelona aquarium you can purchase a guide book available in different languages, but try and look out for the free mini guide which gives quite a lot of detailed information.

The aquarium is made up of three sections. The aquarium itself which houses most of the underwater creatures; an educational section called the Planeta Aqua which explains the importance of water to the planet; and finally the Explora which has some educational elements but is basically a kids' play area.

barcelona aquariumThe aquarium

The aquarium has numerous tanks to walk around each housing different creatures including scorpion fish, sea horses, octopuses and dog fish. Each tank has photos of its occupants together with a brief description of each of them.

The 'Oceanarium' tunnel is also located here and a conveyor belt will move you through the tank as you are surrounded by sharks, stingrays, and other ocean fish swimming around.

Planeta Aqua

Designed to educate about water, this area is also home to a host of penguins and some deadly fish such as piranhas.


Young children will love this area. You can take a picture of them inside a submarine suit or sitting astride a giant turtle. They can also slide down a tunnel with water swishing around them and learn a few facts courtesy of some interactive tools.


Similar to fairground rides, you are asked to pose for a picture sitting inside a huge shark's mouth, looking to all intent and purpose as if you are trapped. Your photograph will also be taken as you move through the aquarium's tunnel. Don't worry, you're not obliged to buy these photos unless you want to, of course.


As you finish your tour of the aquarium you'll find a cafeteria which sells the usual burger and chips and pizza and chips. Alternatively you can buy the Menu del Dia which is a 3 course lunch for around 10.

Finally, as with all attractions, there's a gift shop which you have to pass through before exiting the building. It's crammed with cuddly toys, bath toys and all sorts of cute aquatic goodies.

Swim with the sharks

Finally if you're a qualified diver, and feeling brave, you can book a place to dive with the sharks n the aquarium. This takes place on Wednesday, Saturdays and Sundays.

So there you have it, all you need to know about Barcelona Aquarium. It's open during June to September and on every day of the week.

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