The Balearic Islands form an archipelago which consists of five islands with Mallorca being the largest. One of the main Mediterranean resorts because of its mild temperature, 300 sunny days a year and 208 magnificent beaches makes Mallorca a front runner in Spanish holidays.

In addition to the beaches, Mallorca offers a wide range of nature parks, architectural gems, spectacular natural caves and archaeological remains which allow the visitor to indulge in leisure activities whilst enjoying a low cost holiday in Mallorca. A myriad of alternatives also exist for those looking for a good nightlife. In Mallorca, "the tranquil island", in addition to the restaurants and clubs, it is possible to enjoy a drink in numerous places which stay open until the early hours of the morning. The cosmopolitan atmosphere and popularity of the island allows the visitor to have a cheap holiday to Mallorca.
The island enjoys its own personality and is characterised as an island where the visitor can combine both fun and relaxation whilst on their Spanish holidays. Its popular activities, such as enjoying the beaches and the small coves during the day whilst indulging in windsurfing, sailing, canoeing or diving makes for a good quality but cheap holidays to Mallorca.

The discerning visitor who enjoys a good meal whilst on their Spanish holidays will discover the Mallorcan cuisine to be exquisite with its combination of meat and fish dishes. Being an island, Mallorca offers the best in seafood, especially lobster. For dessert you may be tempted by the Ensaimada, a spiral shaped pastry, considered to be the queen of Mallorcan pastries. However the best thing of the whole dining out experience is the price, which is affordable and makes for a cheap holiday to Mallorca, which is most welcome in these days of financial crisis.

If during your Spanish holidays in Mallorca you have the opportunity to visit its capital city, Palma, don't hesitate. It carries the honour of having been voted as one of the best places to live in Spain. Located on the southern coast of the island it is a modern city having retained it's culture and charm. To really enjoy this city, go for a walk along the old town with it's narrow, winding streets, small plazas and parks with a wide variety of cafes and tapas bars. If you venture near the port, try and visit El Castillo de Belver or the cathedral, which is reputed to be the largest Gothic structure in Spain.

Cafe culture is ingrained in the locals and people sit at sidewalk cafes just watching the world go by. The wide variety of choice helps to make your stay a cheap holiday to Mallorca.

When planning your Spanish holiday, consider Mallorca, for it's beauty, monuments, caves, nature parks, beaches, water sports, exquisite gastronomy and night life. The excellent accomodation combined with it's wide variety of leisure activities make it a favourite destination for good quality but cheap holidays to Mallorca. Millions of tourists can't be wrong and choose Mallorca as their Spanish holiday destination. As a low cost holiday destination, Mallorca will provide good value for money and fun for the whole family.

Barcelona Discount Card With Guidebook
Barcelona Discount Card with Guidebook

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