Barcelona Weather Forecast

For your short term Barcelona weather forecast, we have the graphic below which will show you the expected conditions for the next 5 days. If you are looking for averages and what to expect for your summer holiday, then just read on.

Now for the type of Barcelona weather forecast that will give you a little idea of what to expect when you are here on holiday.

The weather in Barcelona is very Mediterranean in that the summers are warm and winters are relatively mild. The city also lies on the coastline and the ocean helps prevent summer temperatures from rising too high, and winter temperatures from dropping too low.

You will see from the graphic below that there is only a 17°C temperature difference between summer and winter. August is the hottest month with averages sticking in the high twenties. January is cooler with averages in the low teens.

June to September can produce some very lovely days but at some times the humidity can be high.

As far as rainfall is concerned, there are no real dry months in Barcelona. This is a major factor responsible for the lush vegetation growth in and around the city.

Barcelona Weather Forecast 01

There are peaks in the average rainfall during autumn and spring, but that doesn’t get spirits down. No matter what the Barcelona weather forecast is, life goes on in the city whether there is rain or shine!

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